Artistic Stylz 2 Dance Studio, along with our instructors, will open the minds, bodies and hearts of our members to the world of dance.  Our dance lessons teach the fundamental steps and techniques of each type of dance, as well as stretching and strength training for each style.


Baby Bunniez ~ ages 18 months to 3 years ~ "parent-child" class that builds strength and motor skills while teaching fundamentals of dance and gymnastics.

Twinkle Toez ~ ages 3-5 years ~ teaches the fundamentals of ballet, flamenco, & jazz.

Shining Starz ~ ages 5-7 years ~ continues by strengthening the techniques of ballet.

Technique/Ballet ~ ages 7 and older ~ builds on the earlier teachings of Twinkle Toez and Shining Starz.

~ ages 8 and older ~ style of expressive dance that combines elements of several dance types, including modern dance, jazz, and classical ballet.

Jazz ~ ages 7 and older ~ fun and energetic dance movements and techniques taught to jazz music.

Aerial Dance ~ ages 6 and older ~ stretching and movements taught using silks "in-the-air" (Cirque du Soleil style).

Adult Classes ~ Latin/Salsa. Ballroom Dancing. Flamenco.